FULLSTOCK FLINTLOCK GUNS are a bit of a Hawken anomaly. We know they made them, but none exist! At least, to the best of my knowledge, none has yet been found in it's original configuration. I use a TOW full length stock pattern in fancy maple with a 36” straight non-tapered barrel and a reworked L&R Ashmore pattern flint lock on my version of this rifle.

Fullstock flintlock Hawken style rifle with 1”x36” .58 cal. Rice barrel. Chambers “White Lightning” touch liner, Ashmore style lock, standard fancy maple stock, early style “flat” trigger guard, slow rust browned furniture. Weight is approx. 9lb 8oz. SOLD

Flintlock variations:

A very nice fullstock flinter featuring a 36" .54 cal. Green Mtn. barrel, a fancy piece of curly maple darkened with aqua fortis and finished with hand-rubbed oil. The lock is a superb Bob Roller rendition of an Ashmore style lock with a double-throated cock, the touch hole liner is a "White Lightening" and the triggers are double set. The lock and all furniture are bone pack color case hardened; the barrel and trigger guard are slow rust browned. The only embellishment is a "folk art" style silver Texas star on the early style cheek piece. Guess where the owner lives!
Heavy barreled 1 1/8" across the flats .54 cal. featuring Bob Roller lock. Nice gun for bench rest or X-stix shooting, not bad for shooting out of a blind or deer stand.
Half stock flinter. There is no historical evidence that the Hawken brothers built any halfstock flint rifles, but, considering only about 10% of their rifles have survived, who can really say? One thing is for certain: to ship a rifle to Canada without a great deal of paperwork, it has to be a flinter. The Canadian owner of this rifle is a flint collector who wanted a halfstock Hawken style rifle with a flint ignition system - here it is.